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Between the Stitches for Pet Owners and Crocheters

orange cat sitting next to and looking at a calico tabby cat sitting inside a cardboard cat house.

Build An Easy Cardboard Cat House Out Of Any Box: The Construction Part One

I thought maybe it was time to make a very good box into a very good cardboard cat house. Maybe that will be the thing that keeps...
photo of a fawn pug sitting in a large dog crate with a table over it and a white curtain over the front with a teal colored circle containing the words How We Made A DIY Dog Crate Table in white

How We Made A DIY Dog Crate Table

I have been trying to come up with a way to hide our large dog crate for easily the past 4 years. Reclaiming part of my living room from the dog crate is the highlight of my interior decorating. 
Photo of a cropped jar looking into the bottom, filled with catnip. An orange cat lays in the background and is out of focus. The words Growing Catnip For Your Cats Is Awesome in a teal circle in the upper right corner.

Growing Catnip For Your Cats Is Awesome

Our cats are our furry companions, and most cat owners want the very best for their loveable little balls of sharp-fingered fluff. Used as a treat, catnip is an easy way to make your cat happy...
January Pet of the Month is Cav Photo is of a brown puppy boxer with a black muzzle on a white and teal background with the Knot By Gran'ma logo in the upper left hand corner and the Jauary Knot By Gran'ma banner on the bottom

The Most Adorable Boxer Puppy Is Our January Pet Of The Month

The Pet Of The Month contest is returning to Knot By Gran'ma, and I can't wait to get to see and...
Pugs Make The Best Companion Dogs

Pugs Make The Best Companion Dogs

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your adorable pug's purpose in life is? What's going on behind those cute little pug eyes as they stare up at you?
why do cats get hairballs orange cat graphic

Why Do Cats Get Hairballs?

Cat lovers know the familiar sound of our kitty friends horking up a hairball. Hairballs are a common cat behavior, and depending on the breed, they are a manageable issue. The question is, why do cats get hairballs?
Knot By Gran'ma: The Story of the Butts

Knot By Gran'ma: The Story of the Butts

Jess, what's the deal with the butts? I often am asked this question. The butts showed up after we adopted Louie. He was lovable, and the first cat I ever met who was...