Pugs Make The Best Companion Dogs

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your adorable pug's purpose in life is? What's going on behind those cute little pug eyes as they stare up at you? What makes pugs so amazing at lounging around on the couch next to their owners?

fawn pug looking up lovingly at its master

Pugs are incredible at hanging out with us. They are cute little dogs that are eager to please, and that's because pugs were originally bred to keep people company. It's their breed's job. Pugs were playful little lapdogs that just wanted to be close to their royal masters in ancient China, they were chilling out with the Tibetan Buddist Monks in Mongolia, and pugs have kept royalty company throughout the ages ever since. 

fawn pug sitting on a blanket

Since pugs don't need much exercise, they are perfect companion dogs. They can happily spend their days spending time with us, watching television or just being close to our side.

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