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Hilarious gifts, butts, crochet patterns, and coloring pages make Knot By Gran'ma the destination for fun shopping, gift giving, and unique crocheting. Our customers leave smiling knowing that their purchases will make themselves and other people happy. This is true for all of our butts, gifts with original art ACEO cards, crochet patterns and coloring pages.

It's always been amazing to see what can be created with a hook and some string. The possibilities are endless. Being able to incorporate my love of drawing on top of crocheting has been a wonderful addition to the KBG line up.



photo of Jess from Knot By Gran'maA little about the woman who runs this rodeo… My name is Jess. I run Knot By Gran’ma from my studio in the Hudson Valley, New York. I always have some sort of fiber on me, and my hair is probably messed up.