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Collage of Knot By Gran'ma crochet patterns with the text Knot By Gran'ma Crochet Patterns & Ravelry

Knot By Gran'ma Crochet Patterns and Ravelry

A few weeks ago Ravelry debuted its new look for their website. It was all very exciting at first, and then it wasn't. Unfortunately, the new look for the website has caused accessibility issues
Gray cat butt keychain and happy birthday illustrated card for cat lovers birthday gift guide

7 Birthday Gifts That Cat Lovers Absolutely Need

Oh, the joys of birthday gift giving. There's nothing quite like the look on their face when your favorite cat lover opens a birthday gift that you knew was meant for them...
assorted patterns and gray personal face masks with gray ties

Personal Face Masks For Sale And To Donate

Here's where Knot By Gran'ma stands. For each mask sold, 1 mask is donated to a facility in need. I'm going through and local organizations for donations.