How We Made A DIY Dog Crate Table

I have been trying to come up with a way to hide our large dog crate for easily the past 4 years. Reclaiming part of my living room from the dog crate is the highlight of my interior decorating. We looked at ready made dog crate tables, at ones that could be made, and I even found plans to build our own. They were all either too ugly, too expensive, or too time consuming or difficult to build. 

photo of a dog crate under a table with a white curtain blocking the front of the crate with a television and sound bar on top of the table. A fawn pug is laying down inside of the dog crate.

I had an epiphany while cleaning out the porch. We had a small table just sitting there, where the kids would have lunch or I would use as a desk during the summer. I brought it inside repeating to myself, "please fit over the crate, please fit over the crate, please fit over the crate." 

AND IT FIT OVER THE CRATE! If you find yourself without a table randomly doing nothing in your house, all you need to do is measure your crate and purchase a table that it will fit over. Make sure to keep in mind the inner dimensions of the table so the crate fits underneath.

white curtains set up on a tension curtain rod hanging from the bottom edge of a table that's covering a dog crate
I moved the hutch that was holding the TV and various electronics, ran the wires, and slid the crate under the table. Apparently I hoard tension curtain rods, so I had one that fit between the legs. The only thing I purchased were these curtains. I was in such a rush to hang them, that I left them all wrinkled and creased. Don't judge. I needed to see it look finished ASAP and they'll get a quick wash sooner than later. photo of a fawn pug laying in a black dog crate on a gray dog pillow with gray duct tape covering the front of the crate on the bottom

We keep the door open while we're home, and the dogs took to the crate quickly. Aggie spends most of his day lounging inside, coming out to go out or see what Hubs is up to. Freddie takes breaks from his usual spot on Kiddo's bed to lay in there too with Aggie. It's out of sight and I still have a safe place to keep Freddie when we go out. (Aggie has his own much smaller crate that's still an eyesore, but I plan on doing the same thing once I find the right sized table.)

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