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lucky green cat butt keychain Knot By Gran'ma
lucky green cat butt keychain Knot By Gran'ma
Knot By Gran'ma  Keychain Lucky Green Cat Butt Keychain

Lucky Green Cat Butt Keychain

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Cats have always been our lucky friends! This hilarious cat butt keychain is everything a lucky charm needs. Everyone will notice your new good luck amulet, and hopefully, your days will stay positively advantageous. Long gone are the days of a poor rabbit's foot hanging off of your keys allowing you to rock your very own grass green cat butt. 


  • Hand crocheted out of luxurious 100% wool in a variety of yarn weights to create depth and texture.
  • Cat butt measures 4 inches tall and is 2.5 inches wide -- small enough to never be mistaken for a real cat's butt, although double layered for added durability and shape.
  • Sturdy metal alloy lobster swivel clasp is 1 2/8 inches tall by 1/2 inch wide. The keyring is 1 inch in diameter and securely attached to the cat's tail.
  • No bunnies need to fear for their adorable little feet.
  • Each butt is shipped out in a clear poly bag. Kraft gift boxes and gift wrap are available.