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Knot By Gran'ma

Funny Black Cat Butt Ornament

Funny Black Cat Butt Ornament

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Cat lovers would be hard pressed to imagine a better ornament than a black cat butt. Black cats are incredibly lovable, and what would be better than to have a little cat butt hanging around? You can use them as funny ornaments for Christmas or your holiday celebrations, they make hilarious white elephant gifts, or gift them to others... from your cat! 


  • The black cat butt is hand crocheted out of luxurious 100% wool in a variety of yarn weights to create depth and texture.
  • Each cat butt measures 4 inches tall and is 2.5 inches wide -- small enough to never be mistaken for a real cat's butt, although double layered for added durability and shape.
  • The cat butt ornament is hung with a gorgeous black satin cord, and it is securely attached to the cat's tail. Also available as a keychain
  • Each butt is shipped out in a clear poly bag. Kraft gift boxes and gift wrap are available.
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