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Crochet chicken butt keychain accessories
Scale photo crochet chicken butt keychain accessories

Chicken Butt Funny Novelty Keychain

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Bring the funny, "GUESS WHAT?! CHICKEN BUTT!" to life with this novelty chicken butt keychain. These are the ultimate gifts for chicken lovers, or maybe just jokesters who have a great sense of humor. 

  • The chicken butt is crocheted out of luxurious 100% wool in a variety of yarn weights to create depth and texture.
  • Each chicken butt measures 4 inches tall and is 2.5 inches wide -- small enough to never be mistaken for a real chicken's butt, although double layered for added durability and it has a really cool 3-D shape.
  • Sturdy metal alloy lobster swivel clasp is 1 & 2/8 inches tall by 1/2 inch wide. The keyring is 1 inch in diameter and securely attached to the chicken's tail.
  • Each butt is shipped out in a gift box.
  • Who would want a chicken butt keychain? - Anyone who has a sense of humor and loves chickens would totally think this gift is rad. They work great as gifts from a pet chicken, to a loved one who has a chicken, or to someone who might find this hilarious and really has everything they could ever want anyway. Chicken butts rule!
  • Can I send this keychain directly to someone else as a gift? - YES! Just make sure that their address is correct and indicated in the shipping area.
  • Can I return this keychain? - Also yes! See the KBG return policies for more on that.
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