Nothing Says I Love You Like A Cat Butt For Valentine's Day

Do you remember when we talked about why cats show off their butts here on the blog? It's science. Cats show us their butts as a sign of affection, and you learn this behavior when you're a cat owner. Naturally, your cat-loving friends and family will understand the gift of a cat butt and a hilarious Valentine's Day card as a sign of love.

Nothing Says I Love You Like A Cat Butt For Valentine's Day Collage

Lucky for you, new hand-drawn Valentine's Day cards are in the shop, and you will love them. Each card is an original piece of art created using colored pencils, ink, and a tiny amount of white paint for the light reflections on the eyes. Your choice of cat butt accompanies each card. They are so funny, and if they accompany a nice box of chocolates, they make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Shop here for Knot By Gran'ma's hilarious cat Valentines.

orange cat butt keychain with collectible aceo Valentine's Day card

I played around with different drawing styles that I like to do. These art cards turned out much more intricate and detailed than I usually have done in the past. Aside from my pens not cooperating and making my hands cramp up, each drawing is a ridiculously delightful depiction of a Valentine's Day card for someone who likes cats. They crack me up.

This card with the drippy ooze from the top is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. Something about the color combination and this cat's expression pops out to me.

rainbow black cat butt keychain with collectible hand drawn aceo Valentine's Day card

The wool crocheted cat butts measure 2.4 x 4 inches and are double-layered for shape and stability. They're available as a keychain or ornament, and there are a variety of colors from which to choose. Remember. We're showing off our love, just like cats.

These are highly collectible Art Cards Editions and Originals (ACEO). Each art card measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches and is initialed and numbered on the back. A clear plastic sleeve protects them, and the cat butt and art card come in a Kraft gift box. You can have this gift wrapped.

gray purple cat butt keychain with Valentine's day aceo collectible art card
More Valentine's Day gifts and butts are also in the shop. I did draw one pug and one chicken card for giggles. Click here to see them all.

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