Why Does My Cat Show Off Its Butt?

Cat people. This is where it all started. My cats love showing their butts. It makes sense that from there we'd all end up with crocheted cat butts. BUT(t) we've all been there. Cats are all up in our faces, showing off their butts. Us, wondering what and why this is all happening? So. Let's get into it. Why does my cat show off its butt?

photo of a tabby cat showing off its butt

The good news is that it all comes down to love and happiness. The bad news is you might get a little better view of your cat's rear end on a regular basis.

Cats communicate their feelings through body language and scent. Let's start with body language. You have seen cats swish their tails or flatten their ears when annoyed or expose their bellies when they feel safe and secure. Cat butts are no different. A cat with its tail up so its heinie is in full sight, is a happy cat. Is this a little weird to humans? Yes. Is it weird for cats? Nope, not at all. A cat that has its butt on display for the world to see is a secure and happy kitty.

photo of a siamese cat standing with its tail straight up on a desk in front of a compyter

Scent is also a very important part of your cat showing off their butt. So cats have scent glands all over, including at the base of their tails. Often times cats will sniff each other's backends to get the scoop. How's this cat feeling? Is this cat stressed? Healthy? Happy? Content? What's the deal? Other cats allow this behavior because that's how they share the news. Cats sniffing other cats' butts is like a quick news update on how that cat is doing. This is a great way to communicate and cats will gladly offer their butts up to be smelled.

Why do they offer up their butts to be smelled? It's love. A cat that feels loved and secure (and happy) will offer up their butt to be sniffed... even if it's to you... a human that probably (I hope) won't sniff their butt. They're still going to show off that cat ass as an option when they are showing their love to you, just like they would with other cats that they feel comfortable and loving towards. They're saying, "Hey this is crazy, but I love you. So sniff my butt for an update if you want to."

Okay. They never say THAT, but the idea is the same. 

phot of a tabby cat butt on a yellow background

Cats show off their butts when they are happy and they love you. They are our companions, and a cat that feels the same way will show you its butt. It's like the slow cat blink, but just with butts. And now that I've typed BLINK and BUTT in the same sentence, I'm going to end here.





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