Last Time Forever With The Good Luck Cat Butts

Good luck charms have been around forever, usually stemming from cultural or religious origins, superstitions, and folklore. Our cat butt keychain good luck charms come from none of these. Let me explain for the last time forever.

green good luck charm cat butt keychain with the text Last Time Forever With The Good Luck Cat Butts

What are the most powerful good luck charms? I don’t know what the correct answer is, but for me, it was a rabbit’s foot. 

I remember always having a rabbit’s foot on me when I was little. I have no idea why, but they were usually green and somehow correlated with St. Patrick’s Day. Adult me understands that carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot around, even if it’s green, has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day. 

Come to think of it, everything we thought about St. Patrick’s Day growing up was off and really just revolved around the color green, me wearing one of my grandpa’s old green ties to school, and somehow the Book of Blarney was involved too. I was too young to understand any of it. 

The rabbit feet were gross, and I always thought the fur and rabbit toenails were real. I can remember they always smelled. The smell and grossness weren’t enough to deter me from carrying them around. Why was I smelling my lucky rabbit’s feet? I have so many questions sometimes.

I’m telling you this because the green cat butts as good luck charms are around because of this weird, long-lost memory of how rabbit’s feet grossed me out, but not enough to stop carrying them, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. These green cat butts are an alternative to using rabbit’s feet as good luck charms and are great novelty gifts for St. Patrick’s Day or any day you may need a good luck charm. Shop here.

Green lucky cat butt keychain with Happy St. Patrick's Day funny card

Three ridiculous reasons why cat butts are better than rabbit’s feet

  1. Made of wool, not actual fur. 
  2. No weird smells.
  3. Cat butts are funny, and nothing is more amusing than “I’m feeling a little extra lucky because I have this awesome (and green) lucky cat butt keychain to carry around with me.” Joy is good for us.
Good luck charm green lucky cat butt keychain

The cat butt keychains are available alone or come with a printed St. Patrick’s Day art card and gift box. As always, you can add a personalized greeting, and they can be gift-wrapped and shipped directly to their intended recipient. The keychains are good all year round if you just need a little luck in your day. They’re pretty hilarious among the cat lover crowd. Shop here.











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