Art And A New Printer Means Stickers In The Shop For You!

Remember when I was talking about art and how you were going to be able to see more of it from this blog post? Well. Hold on to your pants, because you are totally getting more art.

Colorful I make stuff out of yarn and love cats square sticker

Let's talk stickers. 

The game plan has been to add stickers to Knot By Gran'ma. I just didn't know when or how. I have been working on a few other items, because I (still) have the attention span of a small goat, and needed stickers for my wholesale displays. I needed really, really, really small circle stickers and the company that I've been ordering my marketing stickers from only offered larger sized. Well, the Universe had my back and I stumbled upon AllStickerPrinting.

group of 4 different teal circle stickers labeled cat butt, pug butt, chicken butt, and catnip donuts

I bought these simple circle stickers for my wholesale displays. No more "what is this?" because now these great stickers tell you what it is. It's awesome. And I was able to add my brand colors and customize the fonts and it was a really great and affordable discovery. These little circles are perfect and just what I needed.

photo of a packaged crocheted pink catnip donut with KBG branding next to 4 stacks of teal circle stickers

Then something really cool happened.

AllStickerPrinting reached out to me about offering stickers for sale on Knot By Gran'ma and would I be interested in collaborating. Heck yeah, I would! It's like they were reading my mind and knew I needed a push for this sticker plan to work out. They actually weren't reading my mind, but I did need the push. 


Everyone, look how cool these stickers turned out! Seriously. Look at them. I took a day to draw and design the sticker. It was heaven. I learned about the differences between RGB and CMYK colors when designing for print (after I sent my graphic in with the wrong format, which they just fixed automatically), and ended up with these awesome stickers for all of my yarn working, cat lover, maker, friends. 

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Colorful I make stuff out of yarn and love cats square sticker

These are available in the shop. Each vinyl sticker measure 2.3 x 2.3 inches and there's free shipping for all stickers (you know, for when I have more than 1 sticker design). If you buy 2 stickers, the 3rd sticker is half off. 

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Colorful I make stuff out of yarn and love cats square sticker on a pink and white knitting machine with white balls of yarn in front

I'm thrilled to have found this great sticker printer and the best part is they are somewhat local, being based out of New York. Going forward I have crochet pattern kit sticker labels to design, die cut stickers planned, and will be switching over all of our promotional KBG stickers to AllStickerPrinting.

Colorful I make stuff out of yarn and love cats square sticker

Soooooooo, expect more art turned into stickers. OMG I am so excited for this part of Knot By Gran'ma's growth. It means more art time for me and more fun items for you.

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group of Colorful I make stuff out of yarn and love cats square stickers
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Full disclosure: I received 100 free stickers to write this blog post.

Full FULL disclosure: The quality and professionalism from AllStickerPrinting is amazing and everything in this post about AllStickerPrinting is the absolute truth.

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