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Art Makes Me Happy So You All Get To Experience It

It's time for another round of NEW AND EXCITING CHANGES at Knot By Gran'ma. 

I've had it in my head for years now that the look of Knot By Gran'ma should have some art aspects to it. Should I draw a little mascot for the brand? Maybe little doodle animals that are pointing out information on the site? Something that ties the art side of what's going on here with the crochet side of things... and at this time, throw in some cats and dogs. 


The coolest part is it's finally happening. I've been drawing almost daily. I'm getting more familiar with my art tablet, and I remembered that I do indeed have an art style. This all came to fruition with the (ahem*unfinished*ahem) self portrait below. Knot By Gran'ma is a personal brand. I am actually not grandma, and what's more personal than me? I added it already everywhere. You can see it here on the blog sidebar, all Knot By Gran'ma social media is represented right now by this version of the self portrait, and the website is next.

Knot BY Gran'ma digital art selfie logo

The best part about all of this art is, THERE'S MORE. I mentioned above that this piece isn't finished. There are our missing pets, and no yarn & crochet hooks in sight. It's the best start ever, and I'm running with putting stuff out there unpolished these days... because if you wait on me to finish things, you'll never get to see it. 

I make stuff out of yarn and love cats

Aaaaand we're (just me. I don't know why I need to type in with "we" language. It's just me.) in the beginning stages of offering stickers. I'm collaborating with a local company called All Sticker Printing™ for my printing needs and the sitcker above is the first one that will be available. I'll have more on this in a later blog post, but I had to share the art.

Past art from Jess and Knot By Gran'ma
You can expect to start seeing more artwork around Knot By Gran'ma's social media, in the shops, and don't forget about the coloring club. I'm currently going through some past art for more sticker design inspiration. Keep checking back or sign up for the newsletter to see the progress.


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