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Valentine's Day Should Make Everyone Happy

Valentine's Day can be a tricky holiday. Let's make it easy for you to make someone laugh with these funny gifts, regardless of their feelings about the day of love... or lack thereof. If your Valentine is an animal lover and has a great sense of humor, these Valentine's Day gifts will make them happy. And doesn't it make you happy to make those that you love, or even just like, happy? Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Photo collage of the Knot By Gran'ma Valentine's Day gifts line.

There year's Valentine's line includes five different card designs. The cat butts have five color choices, and the pugs have two color choices. There's something for everyone this year.

Unicorn butt keychain with illustrated Valentine's Day art card

This year the full Valentine's Day gift line can be found here on the website, through the Knot By Gran'ma Etsy shop, and for those last-minute shoppers; Knot By Gran'ma has an Amazon option too.

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Sending funny personalized gifts for birthdays or holiday presents has never been easier. Knot By Gran'ma is your one stop shop for gifts for pet owners and crochet patterns for animals and the people who love them. 

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