The Most Hilarious Cat Butt Pillow Pre-Sale

I have been working on these pillows for what seems like YEARS. It's time for you all to grab one of these cat butt pillows for yourself. You know, because you totally need a giant cat butt in pillow form that maybe matches your pet cat. You do. You totally do. It's okay. This is a judgement free blog. Plus, giant cat butt pillows are hilarious. How could you not want one?

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set of 4 crocheted cat butt pillows on an old wicker table in black, orange, white, and gray tabby

I decided to start off with a pre-sale for these. They take a long time to make and I really just didn't want to get swamped over the holidays. The pre-sale ensures that you get your pillows in time and I keep myself from getting stressed out over cat butts. 

Fun fact: I actually get stressed out over cat butts every year, because I can only crochet so many. I don't want to add to it with the pillows.

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase your cat butt pillow. You can use the payment plan options or not. That's up to you. Click here to purchase yours!
  • I will make up the cat butt pillows and have them in the mail on November 28th, 2022. This is the Monday after (US) Thanksgiving and will save you a trip to the store.
  • You wait patiently for your cat butt pillow to be delivered and then you either immediately take a nap with your new pillow or wrap it up for your intended gift recipient.
collage of a smiling woman holding each crocheted cat butt in each color (black, white, orange, and gray tabby) standing in front of a wall that has antique saws hanging from it

The cat butt pillows are huge. The tails and legs are left floppy, so you can sit your cat butt pillow down on a couch or bed while you're not using them. When they are stretched out, they measure roughly 36" long from top to bottom.  They're about 16" wide and the actual butt section is stuffed with an 18" pillow form. These kitty cats are big! 

Order your cat butt pillow here.

Speaking of stuffing, the tails and legs are stuffed with fiberfill and hand stitched to the butt section securely. I wanted these pillows to last and be your favorite pillows for years to come. Each pillow is completely handmade, except for the 18" pillow form inside.

cat butt crocheted pillow collage of 6 different photos of the pillows

The cat butts come in 4 separate colors. You can get them in black, white, orange, and this gray tabby color. My favorite one is the black cat butt. It's the original color of the original KBG cat butt ornaments.

The pre-sale runs through September, and depending on how sales are, I'll either extend it or not. We'll see then and I'll update the blog and all of KBG's social media with the information then. 

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