Snake Doll Crochet Pattern and Made To Order Dolls

Everyone, please let me show you my new favorite crochet pattern. The Snake Doll Crochet Pattern is fun to make, was fun to design, and is just incredible. It's awesome. There are many possibilities regarding what you can do with a bit of imagination and yarn combined with this crochet pattern. You could technically crochet yourself a snake pit if you wanted to. Use these snakes as stash busters or bed pillows, and think of how cool these would be to give as gifts.

You can purchase the crochet pattern here OR order your very own snake doll made to order here.

Snake Doll Crochet Pattern by Knot By Gran'ma

Let's start with the crochet pattern. It's the first time I've utilized video for more than a few steps. There's this YouTube playlist that shows how to do the more trickier parts of the crochet pattern. Each video has a correlating photo in the actual crochet pattern. The tested pattern is for intermediate through advanced crocheters. And each little snake is a fun project that can easily fill up your crocheting time. All the materials are listed, and you will need to know how to crochet in the round and rows for this crochet pattern.

Snake Doll Crochet Pattern Photos by Knot By Gran'ma

As with all my dolls, you'll need crochet thread, safety eyes, and a steel size 7 (1.5 mm) crochet hook for the eyeballs. I'm offering these items (minus the crochet hooks) as eyeball kits or ready made eyeballs here if you'd like to avoid going out and buying an entire two cones of thread that you'll use very little of.

You can purchase a steel hook here (affiliate link).

Green and Orange Crochet Snake Doll by Knot By Gran'ma

Now, if you can't crochet but NEED a snake doll, don't worry. I am offering up made-to-order snake dolls in both sizes. The large snakes measure 54-56 inches long, and the small snakes measure 28-32 inches long. Each snake takes 2-3 weeks to make, depending on the current open orders of Knot By Gran'ma. Green/Orange, Blue/Red, and Blacklight/Black snakes are the current color choices, but I'll add more options as I make more. Orders for the snake dolls will be closing on November 15th. Order your snake doll here. You can also find these dolls on Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

Snake Doll Crochet Pattern by Knot By Gran'ma


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