Rainbow Butts and Dyeing Yarn

What's better than rainbows and some hilarious cat butts? Not much... maybe really good mint chocolate chip ice cream.

This is what's left of my hand dyed rainbow yarn. I must have had about 10 of these 220 yard skeins when I started. Over the years I have used up my stash to do the rainbow versions of my cat butts... and I'm starting to run out.

The rainbow sock yarn yarn was to be my signature yarn when I briefly dipped my foot into the dyeing and trying to sell your own yarn phase of Knot By Gran'ma. I made some nice yarn, but this one will always be my favorite. I'm having a bit of anxiety thinking about how I'm going to replicate the dyeing for this yarn.

photo of rainbow hanks of yarn in various sizes on a white board with a wound cake of the rainbow yarn and 2 cat butts made of that yarn

The recipe for the dye bath and process was written down. I do know where that recipe lives. This is farther than I usually get in my processes. Ask my how long I looked for the tiny piece of scrap paper that has my crocheted donut pattern written down on it today. (HOURS, but I found it.)

I guess I'm worried that I'm going to mess the yarn up and then won't have anything to make my rainbow colored cat butts. The gray one is my absolute favorite version of all the cat butts that I make, and it would definitely make me sad if I couldn't make more. 

Since I'm in the middle of my inventory for last year anyway, I've been taking stock in what sells, what I like, and what I hate. There were other colored cat butts that got the rainbow yarn, but these are the only 2 I'd like to keep... dye job pending. 

photo of a rainbow gray and rainbow black crocheted cat butt. The rainbow black cat butt has keychain hardware attached to it.

Something about the rainbows... brings me more joy than just the general silliness of being a cat butt maker. That brings me joy too, but rainbow joy is special. Cross your fingers for me. I see myself pulling out the dye pots in the next few weeks to see if I can get it right. I'll update you all afterwards, and we'll see if KBG will continue with the rainbow colored cat butts.


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