Pre-Order For Cat Dolls, Crochet Patterns, & Kits

Edited to add: Thanks for the pre-orders everyone. Read through to see when everything will be available.

It's finally here! The Pre-Order for our Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls, Crochet Pattern, & Crochet Kit is live and will run through April 1, 2022. All orders (PDF patterns included) will be shipped or emailed out on April 11, 2022. Everything that's on pre-order is discounted a bit for you all. Newsletter subsribers get an additional 10% off. Who's excited? 

Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls

Okay. Let's keep this short and sweet. Here's what's available for pre-order:

Crochet Pattern for the Pretty Kitty Cat Doll - This is a PDF file ONLY that will be emailed out to you starting April 8th, 2022. Please add contact(at) to your address books so they don't end up in your spam folder.

Crochet Pattern Kits for the Pretty Kitty Cat Doll - The crochet kit includes a printed crochet pattern, yarn and thread to complete your Pretty Kitty Doll, two 12 mm safety eyes, and the crochet hooks needed. You will need to provide the fiberfill stuffing and any needles needed to stitch the doll together. Crochet Kits will be in the mail on April 11, 2022 and are available in 5 colors. 

Collectible Pretty Kitty Cat Doll - Match your cat to a Pretty Kitty Cat Doll. There are 5 colors to choose from. Each doll is roughly 4" x 4", not including the tail, which is 3" long. Each doll is handmade and crocheted out of wool yarn and crochet thread. Crochet Kits will be in the mail on April 11, 2022 

Scale photo of Pretty Kitty Cat Doll

Collectible Custom Order Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls - There are 10 spots available for custom ordered Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls. Upon purchase, you will be able to download the next steps, which will include how to send in photos, details, etc about your cat so they can match as close as possible to your new Pretty Kitty Cat Doll. The spots for the CUSTOM ORDER DOLLS ONLY will open on April 11, 2022. Please sign up for the newsletter to be notified! There is no pre-order for the Custom Order Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls.


Disclaimer: All of the Knot By Gran'ma Pretty Kitty Cat Dolls are collectible and not intended for children. 

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