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Personal Face Masks For Sale And To Donate

How is everyone doing? I hope you're taking care of yourselves the best you can and are hanging in there. We've been fortunate to have Knot By Gran'ma based out of the house, so aside from the extra people always around and noise, it's been business as usual.

A friend of mine posted about how she was making masks to send off to the National Guard that was posted nearby. She shared this great mask pattern from Deaconess and encouraged everyone who could sew to start sewing. This was exactly what I needed because feeling like I couldn't help aside from staying home was nagging at me.

personal face mask assorted and cat prints

There was a brief, losing battle with my old sewing machine, which ended up with another friend donating her unused machine. I've been spending a lot of time cutting, ironing, and sewing. Making masks, as it turns out, is almost as therapeutic as crocheting. Who knew? Sewists, Jess. Sewists knew.

personal face masks chicken print

Here's where Knot By Gran'ma stands. For each mask sold, 1 mask is donated to a facility in need. I'm going through and local organizations for my donations. The masks on Knot By Gran'ma are simple pleated masks, sewn from a double layer of cotton. I'm restocking the fabric supplies and will make masks for as long as there is a need. I just received some great cat and pug fabric for next week's batch, so stay tuned. You can purchase your very own personal face masks here.

personal face masks pug print


You can still shop the regular items at Knot By Gran'ma also. I've added gift wrap to the shop and will ship out directly to your recipients if needed. We're still having birthdays and whatnot, so I'd still like to help you make someone you love smile.

Stay well, and thanks for your support. 



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