OMG! Catnip Crochet Plush Donuts

CATNIP DONUTS are in the shop! 

Now you can order your very own catnip donuts to play with your very own cat or cats. I guess you could play with someone else's cats too, but I'd ask first. Cat people can be very protective of their cats.

crocheted catnip donut cat toys

Grab yours now!

These catnip donuts have been in some phase of development since last year's National Donut Day and a whim to whip up some crocheted catnip donuts for the occasion. If you've been following along, you may remember an Instagram post featuring Nina (not yet attacking), Ollie out of his mind, and our pug, Aggie. Aggie was not affected by the 'nip... probably because he's not a cat. 

photo collage of cats and a pug playing with crocheted catnip donuts

Yes, I know dogs can have catnip. Only Freddie fiends it, but I think that he thinks that he's part cat. Dogs are weird. Anyway.

Back to the donuts!

rainbow vanilla crocheted catnip donut cat toys

These are basic crocheted donuts and I designed them with wool and cotton thread. I have (* mostly *) ready made donuts sold singularly or in sets of 3. There are 6 different chocolate or vanilla varieties to choose from for you to spoil the snot out of your cats. They're stuffed with polyester stuffing and organic catnip. Each package comes with an additional little bag of catnip for when your donuts need a touch up.

Seriously, donuts in the shop. Dooooo it!

set of 3 crochet catnip donuts cat toys

I keep mine in a big old jar of catnip once our new cat toys lose their effect.

crochet catnip donuts in rainbow vanilla varieties

Eventually we'll have a crochet pattern and/or crochet kit for these donuts... but baby steps. For now, grab a ready made donut for your cat friends!

* Mostly * refers to the fact that they don't get stuffed with stuffing or catnip until they're about to be shipped out. The catnip stays as fresh as possible this way. No one wants stale catnip toys. 

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