New Year, New Me. Just Kidding. The Cats Would Freak Out.

Oh hi, 2022. I've stumbled into the new year a little late. 2021 reverberated through January over here. It happens. BUT this year is the year of the tiger, and this is very exciting (for me) because tigers represent courage, strength, and bravery. I think I could use a little of both of those things going forward. This applies to Knot By Gran'ma and life in general. 

Part of bravery includes showing up a bit more; like literally showing up in photos, and videos. Here we go. A little introduction, if you will.

photo of Jess a blue eyed lady with wavy light brown hair leaning my head on my hand. I'm wearing a green sweater.

Hi. I'm Jess. I'm the force behind Knot By Gra'ma (sounds brave, right?).

KBG specializes in crocheted butts - cat butts, pug butts, & chicken butts specifically. (I once made labradoodle butt coasters as a custom order.) Anyway, you can find the butts as appliques on beanies, as ornaments, as keychains, as giant coasters, and they are the focus of all of our gifts for birthdays and the holidays. I crochet a lot of butts.

collage of cat, pug, and chicken butt ornaments in a variety of colors, all on Kraft boxes

This year's goal is to crochet 1000 butts.

So this all sounds weird sometimes and not everyone gets it. It's cool. My favorite reaction was from a friend of mine. "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! REEEEEALLY?! PEOPLE BUY THAT?!" (I was happy cry/laughing at her reaction.) I find it all hilarious, and getting laughs out of the folks that do get it is awesome.

Being able to add my quirky art to everything just makes it funnier... and at this stage of life, I can use all the funny and positivity that I can get my hands on. I'll take it. I've started a coloring club for those of you interested in sharing some art goodness. It's all fun and hopefully something you'll dig.

I'm working on blogging more and am pretty active on social media. Aside from videos of me being silly, I feature our 2 cats (Ollie & Nina) and 2 dogs (Agamemnon/Aggie & Freddie). They're often dragged into my shenanigans, and I'm sure they're all dreading the she's-making-us-accessories-and-clothing-stage of Knot By Gran'ma. Lucky for them, the schedule is quite full of other wonderful things to offer everybody. For now.



I kind of lost my train of thought on the rest of this post here. Of course. 


Oh right. Tigers... being brave. I know it's late, but I started the year of making a habit of making actual art. I started with a tiger as my first official 2022 piece. (Full disclosure, I did make a really cool fish piece, but I'm counting it as the springboard to my first official 2022 piece. Perks of being the boss of KBG = random rule changes that affect no one.) It's over in the coloring club if you'd like to snag a copy to color for yourself. I'm sharing it here because this drawing embodies the vibe that I want to embrace for this year. 

coloring page of a happy tiger with a bottom lip ring. He is surrounded by floral and geometric designs. The year 2022 is below him in bubble letters and the word YEAH! is beside him.

Let's all make 2022 the year where we do things that kind of terrify us a little, while keeping that YEAH! vibe. Maybe we'll all find a little joy and more of those things that make our souls happy. 

By the way, is it just me or is the graphic for this blog post cracking anyone else up? Ollie's the orange one and Nina is the tabby. 

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