New Product: Cat Butt Winter Hats And Beanies For Cat Lovers

They're here! They're here! They're here! Knot By Gran'ma now offers hats!

black cat butt beanie with gray cat butt by Knot By Gran'ma

Fun fact: It's our full circle moment, as Knot By Gran'ma started with hats... ridiculously poor fitting, made from cotton floss, crocheted hats. There wasn't a cat, pug, or chicken in sight. There was just those hats, whose crochet construction suggested that I had never seen an adult head or had any concept of sizing. Thank goodness they never took off. Those hats were a wonderful way to learn how not to do things, and I really always wished that I could figure it out. 

gray, red, orange, and yellow cat butt beanie with a black cat butt

So these cat butt beanies and hats are perfect winter hats for women, men, and people from all walks of life. Each hat is (hand cranked) machine knit out of 100% acrylic yarn or an acrylic/wool mix (75%/25%). Both yarns are ridiculously soft and easy to wash when needed. Aaaaand these hats are super special, because they each feature a hand crocheted cat butt applique. I can literally crank these hats out quickly, get to attach a hilarious cat butt applique unique to KBG, and everyone else gets a high quality hat to keep their heads warm. 

teal and speckled purple cat but beanie with black cat butt

Check out the cat butt beanies and hats!

I always wear winter hats. I'm constantly cold and any extra help to keep heat from escaping from my body is more than welcomed. I wanted to be able to offer the kind of hats that I like. I wanted to make them affordable to make, easy to care for, and awesome. These hats check off all of those boxes. 

black cat ear cat butt beanie with a gray cat butt

For the time being, all the hats are one size. They will fit a tween, teen, or adult small to large head. There's enough length to flip the front and sides up if you want. They're double knit (2 layers of knit fabric) for warmth and durability. Each hat is washed and blocked and the cat butt appliques are made from cotton thread.

gray, green, pale blue, and purple cat butt beanie with a black cat butt

Take me to the cat butt beanies and hats!

So to recap: Gifts for cat lovers? We totally have you covered. Winter hats for women? Check! Men's winter hats? Absolutely. Am I going to end up with a completely ripped right arm from making all these hats? You betcha! 

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