Knot By Gran'ma: The Story of the Butts

Jess, what's the deal with the butts? I often am asked this question. I'm Jess, by the way.

Jess from Knot By Gran'ma


Here's a quick backstory. Knot By Gran'ma started because I needed a way to work from home, and I knew how to crochet. I couldn't paint or draw uninterrupted with little kids around. I decided to pay homage to my Grandma Jane because she was the most awesome person I knew. She crocheted the most beautiful afghans. It was her thing, and it made her happy. Blankets take a long time to create, making them doesn't make me happy, and I wanted to crochet items that brought me joy. I opened Knot (NOT) By Gran'ma crocheting pieces that my Grandma was not.

Originally I crocheted elaborate, thread dresses for fashion dolls. Yes, really. I made ugly hats and designed (gorgeous if I do say so myself) beaded thread flowers that were mounted to magnets or painted wooden spoons. We had no pets, and I had the best job in the world. It was a random and glorious time. 

Did you start making butts after that, Jess?

No, I did not.

Knot By Gran'ma evolved into a shop full of monster dolls and original crochet patterns. This phase lasted a long time, and it allowed me to work while raising my boys. During this time I everything I could about business, how to write crochet patterns, and learned about the crochet industry. All the while, I was making the most creative work of my life. 

Knot By Gran'ma crocheted monster doll

My favorite unfinished monster doll.

The butts showed up after we adopted Louie. Louie was the best cat. He was lovable, and the first cat I ever met who was simultaneously ungraceful and completely acrobatic. I miss him; we all do. (I can't read this part ever again because it makes me cry.)

Louie the cat behind the cat butts at Knot By Gran'ma

Louie, a.k.a. Pouise the Puma

Louie liked to show us his butt. It was constant. You're eating breakfast? Here's Louie's butt. If you're trying to sleep? Perhaps a cat butt in your face could help. Were you sitting on the couch? A cat butt at eye level should make you happy. We saw his cat butt all of the time, and we loved Louie even though he was so freaking weird.

The boys suggested that I crochet a cat butt. I designed one, and the rest is history. That's how the butts came to be a thing at Knot By Gran'ma. Just recently, they have taken over the shop. It's hilarious.

Over the years, I've added new butts to the shop, taken out the monsters, added new shops, and we've added a few more pets to our family. I laugh every day.

I know the butts aren't for everyone, and I'm okay with that. Making them makes me happy, and they make people laugh out loud. That's the best part of my job.


Our current menagerie, minus an angora bunny, Priscilla.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Knot By Gran'ma, and now you know the deal with the butts.

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