Knot By Gran'ma Wholesale Is Now Available Through Faire

I have exciting news for this year's holiday season and beyond. Knot By Gran'ma has partnered with Faire to offer wholesale to retailers all over the country. 


wholesale banner with cat butt and cat butt beanies and hats


Stocking your stores with funny accessories and gifts has gotten easier if you're shopping for inventory through Faire. I thought the best fit for Knot By Gran'ma would be to wholesale through a company that is able to offer terms that appeal to buyers that I wouldn't be able to offer on my own. Their terms are great for retailers and wholesalers, and it was really just an easy decision. Working smarter is the theme I've been running with this year.

As a buyer on Faire, you are able to have free returns for risk free buying and can enjoy Net 60 payments. If you're a new retailer on Faire, they also offer you $100 off your first order, plus free shipping for a year. 

All of your favorite Knot By Gran'ma items are available now, or will be in the future, for wholesale. Our linesheet is constantly being updated and added to. Please visit the Faire Knot By Gran'ma shop to start adding KBG items to your retail shop today.


collage of Knot By Gran'ma ornaments on Kraft gift boxes
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