KBG Started A Coloring Club for Printable Coloring Pages

I'm happy to introduce you all formally to the new Knot By Gran'ma Coloring Club. It's thrilling being able to share my art and get to see what you do with it at the same time. Plus, there's coloring! 

Yes. I like to color in my own coloring pages. It's very relaxing. 

collage of printable coloring pages from the Knot By Gran'ma coloring club featuring cats, pugs, chickens, florals, and weird ladies.

The KBG Coloring Club is an easy way to support Knot By Gran'ma by simply becoming a member... and coloring. It's run through Patreon, and for either $3 or $5 a month, you'll have access to all of the coloring pages and other perks. 

Right now all patrons get a weekly coloring page, access to sketches, polls, ideas, and even upcoming KBG art developments. You get sent a sticker at the $5 level, just FYI. Ultimately I'd like to see it come together as a cool little art community. You'll also be able to just download and run if that's what makes you happy too. It's supposed to be fun for everyone.

I'm excited. Creating more art has been wonderful.

Knot By Gran'ma coloring club on Patreon banner

Below are the most current previews of the coloring pages that our Patrons have access to. They are each high quality PDF downloads, which you can then color in.



Click here to visit the Knot By Gran'ma Coloring Club. I hope you'll join in.

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