How To Protect Your House Plants From Your Cats

It never fails. You spend the money on plants and dirt and take the time to make them pretty for everyone to enjoy... and then your cat decides the plant's dirt is a great place to dig. If you're lucky, they won't treat it as a spare bathroom. We've all been there.    

This is an easy way to protect your plants from your cats. It's cheap, quick, and works quite well for most cats. 

how to protect your house plants from your cats diy

There will always be cats that defeat the system. This is not for them.

I grabbed shish kabob skewers for this project. I had regular ones and I ended up using these ones with the flat tops, because I will never use those for cooking. Plus I didn't have enough of the regular ones, and I was not going to the store for just kabob sticks. 

wooden sticks for how to protect your house plants from your cat diy

Take your kebab sticks and push them evenly around the edge of your house plants. I left a 1/4 - 1/2 inch gap between the sticks and they are about 4 inches from the soil. After I took these photos, I went back and evened out the sticks in my plant. Just make sure you're not sticking these wooden sticks through your plant's roots.

You can paint these, stain these, decorate them with glitter, weave yarn around them... the decorative possibilities are endless. Keep it cat safe though.

Your house plants will thank you and your cats will have to find a different way to prove to you that they love you by destroying something that you care about.

I'm taking bets on how long it takes Ollie to start chewing on the sticks.

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