Happy Halloween Coloring Page

Halloween is the best holiday out of all of them. I said it. It's true, and you can't change my mind.

Halloween means black cats everywhere, spooky movies, candy, and getting to dress up as whatever you want. The Happy Halloween coloring page is adorably spooky and would be fun to do while you're handing out candy for those trick or treaters or during a Halloween party!

Happy Halloween coloring page from Knot By Gran'ma

Download your copy of the Happy Halloween coloring page here. This is a digital download that you can easily print out.

This was a fun drawing. Originally I was going to draw some cats in Halloween costumes with some pumpkins, but I couldn't get it to work. The video below shows the entire process. You can see the point where I completely scrap all ideas and start fresh. My drawing tablet put this time lapse video together. I didn't know it could do that until today.

Print this page out, get to coloring, and Happy Halloween!

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