Funny Halloween Gifts & Decor for Cat People

Cats and Halloween have always gone together. Black cats, in particular, start showing up around the end of September, and before we know it, cat Halloween imagery is everywhere. Cats hang out with witches, sharing Halloween as their unique time. You see cats in cemeteries, hanging around jack o’ lanterns, and all of the Halloween marketing and movies that start showing up as Fall gets going. 

funny halloween gifts and decor for cat people collage cat butt keychains, cat butt coasters, and cat ear hat

Knot By Gran’ma fully embraces Halloween as the best holiday of the year; something about dressing up and eating candy while being spooky does it for me. Halloween caters primarily to cat people. Between cat costumes, funny Halloween gifts and favors, and decorations, there’s no limit to what you can do to celebrate Halloween (and cats). Catify your Halloween celebrations with KBG’s extensive selection of Halloween goodies.

Halloween Gifts & Party Favors

Cat butt keychains are funny, and I think sharing them with cat lovers everywhere is the way to go. The Halloween gift sets are made just with this idea in mind. How funny is it to give the gift of a cat butt with a silly little illustrated card? Remember, when a cat shows you its butt, it means it loves you. Giving the gift of a tiny cat butt conveys to loved ones that they matter to you; and that your sense of humor is a little funny.

collage of black and orange cat butt keychain Halloween gifts with illustrated cards

These keychains and Halloween cards also make hilarious party favors (or party favours for our friends to the North). Imagine going to a kick-ass Halloween party and getting to leave with a little cat’s ass on a keychain on your way out. 

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Cat Decor

We’re all used to seeing some fantastic outdoor Halloween decorations. I’ve seen giant skeletons, floating ghosts, and jack o’ lanterns that are works of art. Your indoor decorations can be just as fun as the outside Halloween decorations. So what are you doing inside? What are your ideas for Halloween decor inside your home?

collage of crocheted black, white, and orange cat butt coasters

Cat people, rest easy knowing that you can decorate for Halloween inside easily with some cat butt crochet coasters in all the Halloween colors. Stylish and functional, these coasters protect your surfaces, and black cat, orange cat, and white cat butt coasters share their colors with the rest of your indoor Halloween decor.

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Hilarious Cat Costume Accessories

One of the most straightforward Halloween costume ideas is to dress up as a cat. A cat costume starts by painting a cute little cat nose and whiskers on your face, dressing in your cat color (usually black), and adding some ears and a tail. The cat ear hats are the perfect Halloween accessory for kids and adults to add to their cat costumes. They keep you nice and warm when you’re trick or treating. 

collage of black double knit cat ear hats with black and orange cat butt appliques

If a cat costume isn’t your thing, cat butt beanies in various Halloween color options are a stylish and humorous way to spend your Halloween on the down low. Did I mention that they are warm? Double-layered knit hats give you that extra layer to keep the October chill away.

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