Bow Tie Printable Cat Coloring Page

What could be better than a complimentary printable cat coloring page featuring a cat wearing a bow tie? This coloring page is perfect for cat lovers, whether you're looking for coloring pages for kids or adults. I have a love for colored pencils, so that's what I use when I'm coloring, but any fine point coloring tool will work well with this design. Imagine the possibilities if you mixed your coloring mediums!
You can click here to download your copy: It's sized for a standard 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. This PDF file is available to print out on your home printer for an instant new coloring page.




Here is my colored in version below. You can click here to see a stop-motion video that shows how it went! Please share yours on Instagram and tag it with #KBGcoloring so we can all see.


bow tie wearing cat printable coloring page


Enjoy your coloring!

 cat in a bow tie printable coloring page


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