Attention Cat Lovers: Preparing for the Ultimate Presale Event

Greetings to all feline aficionados and enthusiasts of the whimsical and wacky. That's cat lovers and weirdos, for those folks wondering what I'm talking about.

Prepare yourselves as I lift the curtain on Knot By Gran'ma's latest creations – more cat butts! I know, surprising, right? I present to you all hilarious cat butt kickers and a new crochet pattern so you can crochet your own cozy cat butt pillows.

Calico tabby cat sitting on a wooden floor in front of a baby blue chair. An orange cat butt kicker is laying in front of the cat.

So the big news: These new additions will be available for purchase during the PRESALE starting next week for the Cat Butt Kickers and the Cat Butt Pillow Crochet Pattern (and made to order pillows). The PRESALE starts Monday, February 12th 2024 and will run for 2 weeks with the discounted pricing.

First up, let's talk about these uproarious hand-sewn Cat Butt Kickers. Handcrafted with love (and cursing... because that's what happens when I get behind the sewing machine) and a hefty dose of humor, these charming cat toys feature a crocheted butthole that you can fill with KBG premium catnip, sure to bring endless joy and laughter to cat's day. Do cats laugh?

Orange fabric cat butt kicker with a crocheted butthole sitting on a lace table runner next to a small bag of homegrown catnip

But that's not all – I am also thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Cat Butt Pillow Crochet Pattern! After receiving feedback from the beloved internet community (yes, you read that right), I've revamped the design to ensure maximum hilarity and minimal butthole-related critiques. THERE WERE SO MANY CRITIQUES. I even made a TikTok video about the critiques. But you all were right all along.

giant cat butthole cat butt pillows on a wicker table
Apparently... these buttholes are too big. Who knew? (The entire internet knew.)


In response to the internet's discerning eye, I've made adjustments to the pattern, ensuring that our cat buttholes are just the right size for optimum amusement. Plus, to prevent any peeking of the (suggested) white pillow through the stitches, I'm including a visual how to cover it with black fabric for those crafting the black cat butt pillow variant.

cat butt pillow revamp progress  - a white crocheted cat butt sits on a painted work table with various threads in the background. A half stitched black pillow lays on top of the white pillow.

So whether you're looking to add a touch of silliness to your home décor or searching for the perfect gift for your cat or the cat lover in your life, Knot By Gran'ma's cat butts have you covered. Join me in celebrating the joy of feline-inspired humor and craftsmanship – it's sure to be a tail-wagging good time! Do cats wag their tails? Hmmm.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks on the KBG social media channels. Thank you for being a part of this quirky journey, and here's to many more laughs and cuddles with our beloved furry companions.

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