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The Knot By Gran'ma Pet Of The Month Contest

photo of a cat and dog next to each other with the words Pet Of The Month arched overhead and Call For Entries above the arched lettering. The Knot By Gran'ma logo is in the upper left hand corner and the Knot By Gran'ma banner is below the cat and dog.
Each month, Knot By Gran'ma holds a Pet Of The Month Contest. You can enter a photo of one of your pets for a chance at some pretty great bragging rights, plus your pet will be featured on a one of a kind, hand drawn coloring page. Please read the rules below before entering.

Official Rules:

  • One entry per month per person. One winner per pet.
  • Entry must be of one of your pets. It can be any type of pet, as long as it's a pet.
  • Photos should be clear and well lit.
  • Photos will be shared on Knot By Gran'ma social media in context of the Pet Of The Month contest.
  • All photos entered must be your own. Photos will be attributed to the owners via name or social media handle. (You get to pick.)
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Entries close on the 25th of each month. Entries received after the 25th will go towards next month's POTM contest.


January Pet of the Month, boxer puppy Cav