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pug butt keychain
Pug Butt Keychain - Knot By Gran'ma
Pug Butt Keychain - Knot By Gran'ma
Pug Butt Keychain - Knot By Gran'ma
Pug Butt Keychain - Knot By Gran'ma
Pug Butt Keychain - Knot By Gran'ma

Fawn Pug Butt Funny Novelty Keychain

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It's impossible to resist the charm of a pug. This is an adorable pug butt keychain and it makes a wonderful addition to your key rings. These make perfect gifts for dog lovers. Spruce up your keys or whatever needs a little pug butt...


  • The fawn pug butt is hand crocheted out of luxurious 100% wool in a variety of yarn weights to create depth and texture.
  • Each pug butt measures 2.5 inches tall and is 2.5 inches wide -- small enough to never be mistaken for a real pug's butt, although double layered for added durability and shape.
  • Sturdy metal alloy lobster swivel clasp is 1 & 2/8 inches tall by 1/2 inch wide. The keyring is 1 inch in diameter and securely attached behind the pug's tail.
  • Each butt is shipped out in a gift box.

While there's no right or wrong way to sport a pug butt keychain, these are fabulous as car key accessories. The lobster swivel clasp allows them to easily attach to bags and purses. You can even keep your house key handy, clipped into the inside of your backpack or bookbag. They're funny and make things easy to find. Have I mentioned they are hilarious?

Seriously. Check out the full pug line. It's fantastic.

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