Track Your Crochet and Knitting Projects and Do Some Cat Coloring

2023 is the year of the crochet patterns at Knot By Gran'ma.

You'll need a project tracker that keeps up, that you can add to if needed. Who wouldn't love a cat printable project tracker for your knitting or crochet patterns so that you can stay organized? 

Purchase your project tracker files here.

Knot By Gran'ma crochet and knitting pattern color your own project tracker digital file

You can color your project trackers in too!

If you choose to print the digital booklets, you have mini coloring book pages to color AND can keep your work organized. I drew these pictures with cat lovers in mind. These ridiculous cat drawings match the art that you can already find in the shop, and they're fun to see come to life once you add some color. 

Color your own crochet and knitting pattern project tracker print outs

What can you expect in each download?

Each download includes zipped files for either 8.5 x 11" printables for a binder. Print the pages out as needed. Individual digital files to print out a 5.5 x 8.5" booklet are ready to print. Set your printer to print on both sides of the page. There's one for knitting patterns and one for crochet patterns. Each booklet, as is, will keep track of 12 projects. You can always add more pages if needed.

Purchase your Crochet & Knitting Pattern Color Your Own Project Tracker here.

crochet pattern color your own product tracker digital page

The Crochet/Knitting Patterns list pages are great for listing the patterns you have worked on each month for more organization. You can add your pattern information, notes, and materials. Each Project Page has room for two projects.


@knotbygranma Keep track of your crochet & knitting patterns with our digital product tracker. It’s completely digital, customizable, and you can color them in as you go. Available in the shop. 🧶😻🐈 #Crocheters #Knitters #CrochetPatterns #KnittingProject #MakersGonnaMake #DigitalTrackers #CatLovers #FYpage ♬ Pacman - Stepz & Fizzler


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