The Very Best Birthday Gifts For People Who Love Pugs

There are dog owners and then there are pug owners. Something about this adorable, snorty, smelly, smushed face, ball of fluff... pugs grab onto your heart and never let it go. Pug themed birthday gifts are the easiest way to make a pug lover so very happy on their birthday.

1. Pug Butt Keychains and Birthday Card

pug butt keychain birthday gift with snake card

Nothing is quite as funny as a pug butt keychain. This is an easy way to let your pug fanatic know you're wishing them the happiest of birthdays. It comes with a pug butt keychain and a printed illustrated happy birthday card all in one box. Click here to purchase.

2. Nail Art Stamping Template Featuring Pugs

nail art stamping template that features a pug

Maybe your pug lover has a thing for home manicures. This dog plate lets your birthday recipient paint their nails with all sorts of cute dogs, but especially a pug. Click here to purchase.

3. Pug Stained Glass Dog Window Panel

 Pug Stained Glass Dog Window Panel

Let the light in with this OMG-ADORABLE-I-NEED-ONE-NOW stained glass pug window panel... and it's surrounded by a heart! No pug lover can resist the awesomeness that is this birthday gift. Click here to purchase.

4. Stuffed Pug Dolls 

 pug stuffed dolls

Maybe your birthday friend just needs a cuddly pug doll that will tolerate smushy hugs for more than a few minutes. These stuffed pugs would fill the need for constant pug hugs. Click here to puchase.

5. Pug Love Engraved Insulated 20-ounce Tumbler

 Pug Love Engraved Insulated 20-ounce Tumbler

lf your pug owner is on the go often, an insulated tumbler might just be perfect... featuring pugs and their love for them of course! They could start their day off with coffee or tea and a little pug love too. Click here to purchase.

6. The Good, The Bad, and The Pugly Pug Pillow Case

 The Good, The Bad, and The Pugly Pug Pillow Case

A little home pug decor is a must-have for the serious pug fan. This throw pillow is a precious and funny way to adorn their couches or bed. Click here to purchase.

7. Coffee Love Pug Vinyl Sticker

 Coffee Love Pug Vinyl Sticker

What goes better together than coffee and pugs? There's not much, and this hilarious little sticker is a wonderful mixture of the two! Make your birthday loved one smile with one of these vinyl stickers. Click here to purchase.

8. Black Pug Hard Enamel Pin

 Black Pug Hard Enamel Pin

A little accessorizing goes a long way and who doesn't love enamel pins? This is for the black pug owners out there. They can show off their favorite kind of dog in the most fashionable way possible. Click here to purchase.

9. Pug Off Odor Eliminator Soy Candles

 Pug Off Odor Eliminator Soy Candles

One thing a pug owner will be able to describe in unison with all other pug owners is the stink. Pugs are stinky little gremlin dogs at times. This candle is the perfect solution to freshen the air after their little pug gets a bath. Click here to purchase.


These are all winners as birthday gifts for the pug owners in your life. Be the great friend/family member/all-around great person, and make sure these are on your list for when you're shopping for your pug fanatic friends and family.

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