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The June Pet Of The Month Is The Cutest Hairless Cat Named Link

June gave us a cat for our Pet of the Month contest, and not just any cat but a SPHYNX! I have a thing for hairless cats. I love them. I think they are adorable. I want to crochet all the clothes for them... one day maybe. Anyway, meet Link!

Pink Hairless Sphynx cat curled up in a ball with his head looking at the camera on the June Pet of the Month graphic for KBG

Link is Pink Sphynx, which is a hairless cat breed. He's only 6 months old, and his favorite toys are shoe laces and plastic springs. Much to the chagrin of his people, Link is very good at climbing curtains too. He's probably really cute when he does it. You can read all about his unique breed here.

Pink hairless Sphynx cat laying on a bed all curled up with his head up facing the camera

I'd like to chat about this drawing. I actually didn't start this one until I knew who the pet of the month was, so I was able to kind of plan the coloring page layout around his little cat body. There were driver updates that needed to happen on my tablet, and the whole process was getting frustrating  due to the tech side of things. WELL. Something in my brain clicked once I got the tablet to work properly, and this one kind of got away from me in the best way possible. 

I had The Legend of Zelda stuck in my head, and it's probably just because this cat's name is Link, but wow. The adventure feel that I had going while I was drawing this was so much fun. Tentacles, flowers, some geometric stuff... it's less busy than past coloring pages, but I can't wait to color this one in. 

Coloring page featuring a pink Sphynx cat with flowers, geometric shapes and a giant tentacle

As always you can use markers, crayons, paint... whatever makes you happy when you color this page. Make sure you download the June Pet of the Month Coloring Page PDF and share your finished coloring artwork by tagging Knot By Gran'ma on Facebook or Instagram. We want to see them!

You can find the other Pet of the Month coloring pages here if you need more (Scroll to the bottom). Happy coloring!


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