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The FABULOUS Aviator Hat Crochet Pattern Update

The update for this crochet pattern was almost a year in the making. The Aviator Hat is one of my oldest patterns, and it came to be due to a custom order. While the original crochet pattern (before updating) was a bit rough, it was still easy to follow. It just needed a little life breathed into it, and find its way into the KBG branding.

Blue Aviator Hat in progress

The original Aviator Hat was crocheted out of cotton yarn in brown. The goggle band was black and the lenses were gray. The hat was custom order for a little baby girl, and it took me million hours to design and crochet. This order was one of the first times I looked at my skills and thought that I could turn them into a crochet pattern for others. 

Brown Aviator Hat  in progress

Through the years I made these hats (mostly in brown or pink) in cotton yarns before switching over to wool yarn. The cotton was hard on my hands and not as warm. As KBG focuses changed, I opted for offering the crochet pattern only. It's one of my best sellers to this day.

Group aviator hat progress photo

Once I started the update, it was clear that this design is stylish in an array of colors. Unlike other crochet patterns, which have different numbered rows and stitches for different sizes, the Aviator Hat uses crochet hooks to work up the different sizes. You can build up the start of quite the crochet hook collection in making these Aviator Hats in all the sizes. 

Aviator Hat Crochet Pattern Photos

 The blue hat is my favorite of all the color combinations. I'm contemplating lining it and possibly the others to put up for sale towards the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Blue Aviator Hat Crochet Pattern Photo

If you're interested in crocheting up your own Aviator Hat, please purchase the crochet pattern. Click here for the pattern.

You'll need to know how to crochet in the round to complete this crochet pattern. There are instructions for sizes: Baby, Child, Teen/Small Adult, and Large Adult. I used Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in 4 colors per hat. You'll need almost 220 yards for the base color. The rest of the colors use under 60 yards of yarn. 

Happy crocheting!

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