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Our February Pet Of The Month Is This Gorgeous Orange Cat Named Pudge

February is already here and that means we get to pick out a new Pet Of The Month! I'd like to introduce you to Pudge. He's so pretty and rumor has it, he loves to drink water with his paw. I think he has whiskers to die for... such a beautiful cat.

February Pet Of The Month Orange Tabby Cat named Pudge

This month's coloring page is a little different than usual. Pudge, himself, was cropped in his photo. He needed to go into the upper corner no matter what to hide the missing top of his ear. He's still majestically looking out over the coloring page. 

The coloring page itself was done on a digital drawing tablet, which IS. SO. MUCH. EASIER. TO. MAKE. COLORING. PAGES with. It's easier to get the lines the right thickness and if I make a mistake I can undo it immediately. At this point I definitely use the undo button the most out of all the really cool things it can do. All the layering made it much easier to overlap all the different parts of the floral and geometric designs. I'm pretty hooked. 

digital art coloring page of geometric shapes and florals designs with a black and white cat in the upper right hand corner

Please CLICK HERE to get the full-sized image. It's cropped for this blog post. You can save the PDF and then print it out for your coloring enjoyment. I'd love to see what you're coloring, so please send a shoutout to @knotbygranma on social media. 

If you'd like to enter the Pet Of The Month Contest, you can CLICK HERE for February to read the official rules and fill out your entry form. We pick a new Pet Of The Month after the 25th of each month.

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