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Midyear Update For Knot By Gran'ma 2021

The midyear point came and went, and in typical Jess fashion, I completely missed it. Being wrapped up in senior year activities with my oldest, the whirlwind of college prep, and soccer shenanigans with the wee one, took up the better part of the beginning of 2021. Having missed my midyear mark, then realizing the growth that I would have liked for KBG wasn't there, normally would have sent me into a bit of a panic. 

orange cat laying on a bed giving the camera the side eye. There's a turquoise crocheted pillow with a crocheted skull on it behind him.

Something must have adjusted in my world, because I'm not really feeling panicky by it. I was busy being busy... with things that are really important to me and my family. This was entirely the point of getting into business for myself all those years ago, and I'm very comfortable with the way things have panned out. Being a little behind in sales, but connecting more on social media, figuring out what I want KBG to grow into, and learning new skills seems like a fair trade off. Better planning is putting KBG is a much better place for this holiday season then we were last year... and last year was great. It's completely possible to fill in the gap. 

So what's coming up for Knot By Gran'ma for the second part of 2021? Hold onto your butts (literally), because we have some fun goodies in the works for the rest of this year. 

I recently finished redoing photos the Happy Birthday gifts. Each available butt has a selection of 4 different birthday art cards. I'm not going to lie... taking product photos is hard and may or may not involved me cursing and crying. Shout out to photographers. One of these days I'll stop needing to have complete control over what the photos on my website look like and will hire someone who can easily do what I'm asking. Maybe that will be part of next year's growth. Maybe. Regarless, you'll have a much larger selection of Happy Birthday gifts to choose from.

Next up on the product photo retakes will be the Halloween gifts and they should be fine now that I have a little bit of a system and set up figured out. Those should be all set and available by mid August.

The biggest change by far was the pug butt redesign. Originally the pug butts were crocheted with just one strand of yarn instead of two, like the cat and chicken butts. They no longer are made with the one strand and now match the rest of the butts in the Knot By Gran'ma inventory. The crochet pattern was then tweaked a little bit so they don't pucker up anymore. They look much nicer and I love them again.

August will see the beginning of the Knot By Gran'ma Coloring Club. It's a pay per month service through Patreon. We'll be starting with a $3 price point. That gets you the free to everyone already Pet Of The Month Coloring Page download, access to the private sharing groups on FB and Patreon to show off your coloring art, and 2 additional coloring pages each month. Eventually we'll have a $5 tier, along with contests and other cool coloring activities. Stay tuned for more information.

The Pet Of The Month also returns in August also with the winner from June's voting. 

And that's about it! The best way to keep updated with Knot By Gran'ma and all the fun we're having is to sign up for the newsletter. Sign up here.

Thanks again for all of the support. The second half of 2021 is going to be amazing. - Jess Schleicher

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