Make Birthdays More Awesome With The Full Birthday Line

As we have already covered, cats show off their butts as a sign of affection. Keeping this thought process, wouldn't you then gift cat butts to the folks in your life that mean the most to you? I mean it is a sign of affection. Cat science and all... I think it's a very convincing arguement for sending your friends and loved ones various cat butts.

I have chickens and pug butts too, and they're just as silly. 

See the full collection of birthday butts.

collage of cat but, pug butt, and chicken butt product photos with illustrated birthday cards


The full line of crocheted birthday butts is finally up on the website and I'm thrilled to offer these gift sets as birthday gifts. As someone who loves birthdays, and tries to celebrate each and every year, it's so satisfying to have these available for you all when it comes to gift giving.

Show me the butts.

white cat butt keychain with an illustrated turtle art card on a Kraft box

The best part about the birthday butts, is that anyone can be on the receiving end and thouroughly enjoy them, regardless of their pet owning status. These are the best birthday gifts for girlfriends, husbands, moms, and even that funny friend of yours who doesn't even have a cat. Technically (again), cat butts are signs of affection. Also, they are really, really, really amusing. 

See all cat, pug, and chicken butt birthday gifts.

orange tabby cat butt keychain with an illustrated fish art card on a Kraft box

There are plenty of butts to choose from and four different birthday cards. You can match most cats, traditionally colored pugs, and a chicken butt too to your friends and family based off of their pets or personalities. These crack me up.

Shop all the birthday butts.

white chicken butt keychain with an illustrated snake art card on a white box with a clear lid


All of the birthday listings are available for wholesale. Each listing shows the wholesale packaging, which is just a white box with a clear lid for easy display for your customers to enjoy.

Wholesale information is here.


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