Knot By Gran'ma Crochet Patterns and Ravelry

A few weeks ago Ravelry debuted its new look for their website. It was all very exciting at first, and then it wasn't. Unfortunately, the new look for the website has caused accessibility issues for people with visual impairments, migraine headaches, and caused some to have seizures. I personally have none of those issues, but find that my eyes get tired quicker on the new Ravelry sight. 

Knot By Gran'ma crochet patterns in a grid collage

This was all brought to the attention of the folks at Ravelry, and they put out a blog post about changes that could be happening to maybe fix the issues and then... crickets. Communication has stopped. I'm sure they have their hands full in (hopefully) fixing what was a year in the making. 

As someone who has had their crochet patterns on Ravelry forever, I wanted to make sure that my customers can still find Knot By Gran'ma crochet patterns without having to risk eye issues, headaches, and/or seizures. I also wanted to let the folks that can still use Ravelry find Knot By Gran'ma crochet patterns easily. 

So instead of crocheting the pile of cat butts that I have half-finished, I spent the better part of this week moving all the useable crochet patterns over to the website. I also deactivated all my crochet patterns on Ravelry. You can still find them, but I'd love for you to support me here if you want to buy them. Once Ravelry takes care of this entire accessibility mess with the new site, I'll reactivate the crochet patterns on Ravelry.

Since most of my crochet patterns don't all fit in with the branding "Funny gifts and crochet patterns for animal lovers and their pets," I decided to put them all in their own place here on the website. The Knot By Gran'ma full crochet pattern catalog can be found at the bottom of every webpage here on KBG.

FYI: I'll be adding the older patterns as I redo them. Some of them are so badly written... and it's a mess. I think it'll be nice to go back to the beginning and see if I can make them all workable. 

- Jess



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