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Dakota Eve Is The May Pet Of The Month At Knot By Gran'ma

We blinked right through April and it's already time for May's Pet of the Month. Please say hello to Dakota Eve! Dakota is a black Labradoodle who likes to spend her time popping bacon flavored bubbles with her small human.

May Pet of the Month graphic featuring the Knot By Gran'ma branding and a photo of a black labradoodle holding a giant stick in her mouth.

This photo cracks me up. I think it's how ridiculously large the stick is... it's hilarious to me. I happen to know Dakota's people and even got to make up a few Labradoodle butt coasters for them. You can see it here on Instagram. Her small human is quite the animal lover. Dakota Eve is a lucky dog!

Digitized black and white photo of a labradoodle with a giant stick in her mouth over coloring page geometric and floral line drawings.

This coloring page is extra busy, making it extremely satisfying to color. I'll be printing mine out and coloring it in with colored pencils. You can use markers, crayons, paint... whatever makes you happy when you color. Make sure you download the May Pet of the Month Coloring Page PDF and share your finished coloring artwork by tagging Knot By Gran'ma on Facebook or Instagram. Happy coloring!

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