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Barfing And Ollie's Gotcha Day Adventure, All In One Story? Yes Please!

How about a little story time for everyone? Ollie is arguably the most photographed member of the Knot By Gran'ma fur family, as he's so incredibly curious about everything when he's awake. He has an amusing Gotcha Day story too.

You might be asking what is Gotcha Day? Very simply put, your pet's Gotcha Day is the day they came to live with you. Sometimes we don't know our pet's birthdays due to being rescued or other reasons, so it's nice to celebrate their Gotcha Day in addition to a birthday or in place of it. You can do Gotcha Day for your dog, cat, hamsters, gerbil, lizard... you get the idea.

A photo of an orange tabby cat standing above a gray and rainbow crocheted cat butt that is propped up against a white mug with writing for a photo shoot

Anyway, back to our story. We had lost our cat, Babycakes to thyroid disease a few months earlier. We had been going back and forth about bringing in a second cat into the house, as Babycakes and Nina never really bonded. They didn't fight, but there was no love between the two of them. Maybe it was because they were both female cats, or maybe they just both wanted to be the queen of the house. I don't know. It took a long time for me to come to the conclusion that we needed an orange cat, and his name should be Oscar. 

(I'm always the pet decider. I get that IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER PET idea in my head and then it has to happen so I don't obsess over it forever. It was time. I started scouring the pet adoption pages, looking for perfect love of a cat to join our family.)

I found Ollie (then named Pinot, because he hid in his foster's wine cabinet apparently) and he was available for adoption in what I thought was New Haven, Connecticut. We live in NY. I was like, New Haven is only about an hour and a half from here. Awesome and totally doable. We made an appointment to go to the adoption event in the local Petco and at this point, I didn't realize that we were traveling to somewhere around New Hartford instead of New Haven. New Haven... New Hartford... totally sound and look the same, right?

An orange tabby cat laying inside a purple and white crocheted cat cave. You can see his face peeking out behind his leg and tail which are both hanging outside of the cat cave

Yeeeeeeah. New Hartford is in the opposite direction of New Haven, in case you don't know your Connecticut geography. I did not and we gleefully set the address in the GPS and took off on our road trip to get an orange cat that we would name Oscar. I realized we were travelling in the wrong direction about 45 minutes into the trip. We had added approximately an additional hour to the trip. 

It was too late to turn back, we had already bonded with the photo of this little kitten, and really had nothing to do for the rest of the day anyway. 

We made it to New Hartford, met Ollie (still named Pinot) and it was love at first sight. He was purring, and snuggly, and didn't velociraptor bite us like he does now. We bought the obligatory new kitten stuff, and left with our new orange kitten in a little kitten carrier that we had brought with us... you know, trying to be prepared and everything even though I drove an extra hour out of the way because I wasn't prepared as to what town I was driving towards. 

The youngest KBG child (formerly Dr. Destructo for those of you old-timers) sat in the back seat with Ollie (Pinot) and my oldest sat in the front seat. There was playing with the kitten and then they both fell asleep for the majority of the car ride home. The ride home is uneventful until we pull off of the highway, which was remarkably straight compared to the side roads in our area.


Did you know that cats get carsick? Did you know that when little kittens barf all over their little kitten carrier, it's possibly the worst smelling throw up that you might ever have smelled? Did you know that my oldest has the weakest stomach in the entire world and started gagging immediately as the smell wafted into the front seat. Do you know how hard it is to drive while cry-laughing at the kitten barfing, the younger child making ralphing noises mixing in with maniacal  laughing, and your oldest with - I KID YOU NOT- his entire head out of the window in an attempt not to throw up in the car, while also hysterically laughing?

I had to pull the car over in one of the local hiking parking lots. We couldn't even make it the remaining 7 miles to the house. I was crying from laughing and it smelled so bad. The oldest jumps out of the car and dramatically lost his McDonald's lunch over a rock wall, and the youngest... I don't know. Maybe he went to the bathroom or was just jumping around his brother acting like a little brother. I was too busy wrangling a barf covered kitten to wipe him off with the emergency roll of paper towels that I keep in the car in case of... I guess things like this. It took about 20 minutes but we got everyone and everything cleaned up.

An orange tabby sitting on a purple and gray horse blanket like a loaf of bread. His eyes are bright yellow and there are household items in the background.

Ollie lived in a bedroom for about a month so the cats could acclimate to each other and not end up brawling. We fed them both at the same time at different sides of the door, and we'd swap them out every day for a few hours so they could smell each other in the separate spaces. Before we knew it we had an orange cat named Ollie, because no one else liked the name Oscar. Ollie is a better name for him anyway.

That's how we had an adventure somewhere to Connecticut and back and ended up with this weird, hysterical dude cat. His Gotcha Day was easily the funniest Gotcha Day out of all of the KBG fur friends, and I think it was a sign that Ollie would fit right in with us. The kids remember the day completely different than I do, and one of them used the story (barf and all) to finish up a project for school. Another awesome fun fact about getting Ollie to join our family.

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