7 Birthday Gifts That Cat Lovers Absolutely Need

Oh, the joys of birthday gift giving. There's nothing quite like the look of "oh my gosh this is amazing and it was so nice of you to think of me thank you so much and I totally love cats how did you know" when your favorite cat lover opens a birthday gift that you knew was meant for them, and their loveably over the top affection for their cats the second you laid eyes on it.

Here are 7 birthday gifts that cat lovers absolutely need for their birthday this year. There's something for everyone.

1. Cat Butt Keychains And Birthday Card

These hilarious gifts come in 4 separate colors, each with a completely different illustrated birthday card. The cards are completely customizable with a personalized message on the back if you'd like, and you can send them directly to your cat lover for their birthday. Click here to purchase.

2. Cat Eyeglasses Holder

handmade cat eyeglasses holder

Everyone needs a place to put their glasses at the end of the day. This little cat saves the day and would make a fantastic birthday present. It's hand-carved out of 100% sustainably harvested Indian rosewood by Fair Trade artisans. Click here to purchase.

 3. Cat Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art

cat tote bag

Your cat-loving friends can carry around a little catitude with all their belongings with this cat tote bag. The tote bag is handprinted with original art on eco-friendly cotton. Click here to purchase.

4. Cat Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

printed cat toothpaste squeezer

I was today years old when I first learned about toothpaste tube squeezers. These cat squeezers are not only really cute, but they're completely functional. You could add this to any birthday gift to make it even more awesome. Click here to purchase.

5. T.U.K. Women's A8173L Pump

kitty cat kitten heels

This tiny heeled, adorable kitten heel... literally, would make your fashionista pals swoon on their birthday. Imagine how happy they would be hittin' the dance floor wearing a pair of these fancy cat heels. Click here to purchase.

 6. Cat Bamboo Cutting Board

cat cutting board

A pretty cutting board that you can also use? This could be a foodie cat lover's dream birthday gift... and the cat decor when not in use is a definite bonus. Click here to purchase.

 7. Theodore Encourages You - Funny Cat Playing Cards

Theodore Encourages You Funny Cat Playing Cards

Playing cards of a condescending cat, "helping" you along is just what your cat lovin' birthday loved one needs for their next game night. Make their birthday even better with this deck of cards. Click here to purchase.


There you have it. 7 birthday gifts that every cat lover needs. Be the great friend/family member/all-around great person, and make sure these are on your list for when you're shopping for your kitty fanatic friends and family.

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