This was a project that could have been the coolest, but simply got away from me. The Knotty Knucklehead Dolls started as a crochet-along, in an attempt to gain more blog and shop attention. There were a bunch of folks that took me up on this weeks long crochet-along, which ultimately ended with a free crochet pattern for everyone after it ended. These are cute dolls. They’re easy enough to not get bored, but complex enough to have to use your brain a little when crocheting them.

Designer Monster Toy
Of the five Knotty Knucklehead dolls that I made, this one is my favorite. You can purchase him at the Knot By Gran’ma Etsy store.

The master plan was to make a bunch of different styles of Knotty Knucklehead dolls. You would download the base (free) pattern and make the first version, and then you could purchase the other versions of the doll as add on crochet patterns. There would be eyeball variations, little skirts, and other incredibly awesome stuff that you could crochet onto a monster doll with a loop on its head. The monster above was one of the other versions of the free crochet pattern.

It was a perfect idea until I got sidetracked… probably with inventory for a craft show, which led to me making 5 of these monster dolls in total. Somewhere between the crochet-along and the craft show season, I managed to get the free crochet pattern out to the masses. And then that was it. I didn’t follow through, or got bored, or have the attention span of a 4 year old. The crochet pattern isn’t even available anymore. Just the remaining dolls are for sale.

I have hopes and dreams to resurrect this idea of the Knotty Knucklehead doll one day. I’m going to keep a reminder card somewhere where I’ll see it, so I can at the very least get a crochet pattern for the above version of this monster out into the crochet world. I think that could be the closure that I’d be happy with for this design. Keep your fingers crossed.

You can purchase this monster doll by visiting the Knot By Gran’ma Etsy shop.


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