Apparently, I like to start big crochet projects and then allow myself to get totally distracted from those same large projects. NEXT they get buried in a work in progress bin, and I forget about them until a random monster leg falls out of the bin… all while ripping my craft closet apart so I can actually use it for craft work. I’m sad that they’re unfinished, as I had the most incredible plans for them.

Art Dolls are Awesome.
From left to right: The Serpentine Guy, Eddie Doll, The Pink Monster – The Pink Monster started out as a crochet pattern for a kick ass book I was going to write and publish (still might), The Serpentine Guy has no name and was for my failed Patreon. Eddie is actually the doll I was working on right now. They all need to be finished so that I can move on to getting their crochet patterns out for all of the awesome crocheters out there.

You might be wondering how these unfinished monster dolls, languishing without their parts all sewn on and no clothes, could make anyone else sad too. You might not, but let’s just humor me here. Here are my 7 reasons why unfinished art dolls make other people (you) sad:

  1. Unfinished art dolls, while looking totally cool with their pins and loose ends hanging out all over the place, aren’t being seen… by anyone. And this blog post and Instagram progress shots don’t count. You can’t really fully enjoy something that isn’t finished, and that is sad.
  2. These monster dolls live in a dark bin, full of various unfinished crochet projects from over the past 10 years. (Don’t judge me.) It’s crowded, and there is yarn everywhere. Sometimes when they’re pulled out, there’s a pin stuck in someone’s eye. It’s very sad.
  3. You can’t collect them in this condition. Your doll collections are missing out. So sad.
  4. I have hours upon hours upon hours of finishing work to do on these monster dolls. They’re each on of a kind, and there are many, tiny, careful things that need to be done. I’ll probably stab some part of my hand while finishing them. It’s horribly sad.
  5. Speaking of stabbing… These dolls are dangerous in the state they are in. There are pins and needles… and really sharp crochet hooks for the thread… just waiting to inflict pain. It’s incredibly sad that they’re so dangerous like this. (Honestly, I could just be more careful…. BUT SAD.)
  6. Since these art dolls are unfinished, it means that the crochet patterns for everyone else to make their own dolls, aren’t finished either. Just think about how cool it would be to finish one of these monster dolls as part of your own crochet work… and how sad it is that you can’t do that yet. Are you crying?
  7. No new dolls will be started until these three knuckleheads are finished. I have many ideas that I’d like to turn into awesome monster dolls. It’s sad that they’ll be stuck in my brain, because these three are busy occupying my thoughts as long as they’re incomplete.

I feel like I should have Sarah McLachlan singing her hauntingly beautiful (and sad when paired with sad things… like these poor dolls) songs playing in the background of this post. If you’d like to further your sadness, you can click this link to listen to her song, Angel, on YouTube… and bring the tissues.

While you’re being sad about monster dolls (and listening to things that will make you cry), I promise that I’ll finish these dolls in a timely manner. Then we can stop being sad about them, and start being sad about whatever new dolls I start, that aren’t finished.


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7 Reasons Why Unfinished Art Dolls Make People Sad
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