Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day we profess our love for one another, or at the very least, let each other know that we’re kind of special to each other. This year I thought I’d throw my hat into the Valentine’s Day madness and offer some of my own valentines for sale. Cat people and pug owners need Valentine’s Day love too, and a cat butt or pug butt keychain could be the best way to express your feelings for them.

Cat Butt Valentines
Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a little cat butt for those cat ladies and cat fanatics that we all know. Click here to shop.

These took a little bit to figure out, and I was kind of there over this past holiday season. Now that the process is figured out, I’m kicking myself for not having these available in time to offer them wholesale. They’ll have to settle for being available for wholesale next year. There’s always a silver lining. Anyway. I’m offering these butts with the original ACEO art cards and also with ACEO art card prints in both the cat butts and pug butts.

Pug butt valentine
These adorable pug butts let the love of your life know that you totally get them. Click here to shop.

It’s hilarious to me that we can send these kinds of valentines. I remember sitting at my kitchen table when I was a little girl, making valentines out of red construction paper and doilies… and probably glitter hearts. Those were certainly adorable, but lacked any of that pizzazz that might have made them unforgettable. These cat and pug butt valentines are simply funny gifts for the peeps we are diggin’. You all know one of those cat fanatics and pug lovers, that will totally appreciate the little butts they receive this year for Valentine’s Day.

These gifts are both going up in the Etsy and Amazon Handmade shops by the end of the day.



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