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A Knot By Gran’ma piece is meant to make you smile; a full mouth, toothy smile. A Knot By Gran’ma pieces is meant to make you fall in love with colors again and help you remember that a little sense of humor goes a long way.

I design and make each piece myself, using various crochet techniques and skill. Each one is different from each other. Knot By Gran’ma functions behind the belief that crochet, and other fiber manipulations, are an art form. I am committed to providing wonderful, quality, one of a kind art.

It’s pretty amazing how some string and a little imagination can be brought to life with a hook and some patience. Each Knot By Gran’ma piece is a treat.

  • Established 2002
  • Company Size 1 Person
  • Production Type Design and produce everything in-house
  • Production Country United States
  • Product Categories Accessories, Art, Home & Living, and Pets

Policy – Line Sheet