Adventurous (and not so adventurous) Crocheters: Welcome! This is the place to be when looking for crochet. We all know that crochet takes forever, but that’s even more reason to make sure it’s AWESOME. Knot By Gran’ma is passionate about keeping crochet relevant and getting other crocheters involved and empowered with their skills. (HOOKS IN THE AIR.)

I want people to be happy when they see Knot By Gran’ma crochet work. THEN I want them to pick up a hook, and make it. (I’m all about easy to read crochet patterns with clear instructions and photos over here.) Crochet should be accessible to everyone. The work is done as simple as possible in the hopes that even beginners will grow their skills to make awesome crochet.

Wholesale: A Knot By Gran’ma piece is meant to make you smile; a full mouth, toothy smile. A Knot By Gran’ma pieces is meant to make you fall in love with colors again and help you remember tat a little sense of humor goes a long way.

I design and make each piece myself, using various crochet techniques and skill. Each one is different from each other. Knot By Gran’ma functions behind the belief that crochet, and other fiber manipulations, are an art form. I am committed to providing wonderful, quality, one of a kind art.

It’s pretty amazing how some string and a little imagination can be brought to life with a hook and some patience. Each Knot By Gran’ma piece is a treat.

A little about the woman who runs this rodeo… My name is Jess. (This is my English Angora, Priscilla.) I run Knot By Gran’ma from my studio in the Hudson Valley, New York.