Hi, I'm Jess.

Whether you are are looking for some great crochet patterns or just shopping for awesome items that will make you smile; Knot By Gran’ma is the place for you.

Knot By Gran’ma specializes in originally designed crochet patterns, crochet pattern kits, hand dyed and handspun yarn, monster dolls, eyeballs, and cat butts. There’s never a dull moment when you’re visiting, and there’s always plenty for you to see.

Each design is handmade, using various crochet techniques and skills. The KBG crochet patterns are true to the skill level stated and professionally tested before release. These pieces are meant to inspire the child inside of all of us with the use of color and texture… and maybe push you to try new things.

A little about the woman who runs this rodeo…┬áMy name is Jess. I run Knot By Gran’ma from my studio in the Hudson Valley, New York. I always have some sort of fiber on me, and my hair is probably messed up.