Feast or famine is this year’s theme for crochet orders. Right now it’s feasting time at Knot By Gran’ma. On top of the older order that I was finishing up, I received two wonderful wholesale orders and a request for a custom poncho. The hooks and yarn have been flying. I love it.

Lace crochet is awesome.
The math here is killing this design. I’m not complaining… the challenge of figuring it out is a wonderful change of pace.

This poncho is going to be gorgeous. I can feel it. It’s a custom order for a friend of mine, and it will eventually turn into a new crochet pattern. Eventually. Right now, figuring out the math to make everything work is really, really, really, really hard. I’m loving the challenge, and it’s great to see an idea come to life via gorgeous yarn. This isĀ  Cascade Fingering yarn, which IS LOVELY. I don’t even mind going blind while working with black yarn. It’s a daytime with natural light project for sure.

Eyeball ornaments are awesome.
These are always so much fun for me to make. I really love the new yarn that I’m using. They’ll be on their way by tomorrow morning!

These eyeballs are always fun to make, and rainbow anything makes me happy. This batch will join a bunch of cat butt ornaments on their way up to a new shop in New York. Wholesale work has been instrumental in keeping the stress of making enough retails sales at bay. The goal is to get as many people as possible smiling due to Knot By Gran’ma pieces.

So, what are you working on this weekend and into next week?


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