I don’t crochet gifts for the holidays.

Monster puppets with gifts are awesome.

It’s the time of year where I’m starting to see the panicked posts of friends and colleagues regarding all the gift crocheting (or knitting) that they have left to do. Meanwhile in Jess-Land, I just managed to sneak my head above water from the end of summer and the beginning of school insanity that happens every year. That’s what October is for; breathing from the craziness that was August and September. Duh.

The only part of me that is thinking “HOLIDAY” anything, is the wholesale part of Knot By Gran’ma. I have eleventy billion emails to send, then follow up on, and then the actual orders to fill… and that’s it.

That’s just me.

About 10+ years ago, I did make gifts for the holidays. The last batch of gifts was a handmade market bag, that I designed and crocheted for the ladies in our family. They were chucked, along with the accompanying save the earth book that I purchased, right back into the gift bag I wrapped them in… and probably into the garbage 6 months later when they looked into that same bag that had been sitting in the corner of their bedroom. I stressed out for weeks making those bags, with love... and it was a giant waste of my time.

I do have a few members of my gift giving circle that would appreciate and care for a handmade gift. I probably won’t be making them anything regardless. I’ve learned that the holiday season is never a good time to start and finish (or not) making gifts to give during the actual holidays. This is the time when my business is its busiest, and I’m not organized enough to think about crocheting holiday gifts earlier in the year. There’s also that pesky life thing that takes up all the time. The stress I’m avoiding by not spending hours upon hours crocheting gifts that the majority of my peeps don’t want, is totally worth it. No regrets.

I am in awe of those of you who can (and do) pull off the crocheting gifts for the holidays thing. *throws pretend but sparkly crochet mojo glitter over you folks*



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